h & m

Everything is paused, heart seeking solace

Mind full of questions, eyes holding tears

Alone in the crowd, single thought eveytime

Cries lungs out inside, controls emotions out

Hope is an enemy, anger is an ally

Thinking of stopping pursuit, Afraid of losing forever

Heart keep says give it a chance

Let it go with the flow

Mind tries to be practical

Says now or never

Sometime nothing feels, May be it’s the best

A thunder is rolling inside

Where heart and mind has chosen their side

No matter what wins, Defeat is certain in both

Perhaps a bit partial I am towards the heart

But mind gives considerable logics

The battle rises, warriors denies to take a step back

The best part is both favors one

Another friend (time) comes in between making peace

Says I’ll heal everything, Why to bother.

Both looks settled in the end, But pain is a true friend never leaves.



Jab jab mein sochta hoon tere baare mein

Tab tab dil dhadak jaata hai

Thoda sa hasata hai, Thoda rula jaata hai

Par tera khayal dil se nhi jaata h.

Teri woh baat, tera mazak zehen mein har waqt hai rehta

Mera dil mujhse har pal hai yeh kehta

Tujhe kehna tha usko jo tere dil mein tha

Nhi sehna tha dard jo baaki rha.

Ab toh hasi bhi begaani si lagti h

Meri rooh mein ek tees si chubhti h

Sochta hoon kaash mein aisa na rha hota

Kuch kaha hota, kuch suna hota.

Chahta hoon mile azaadi mujhe is mahaul se

Laut aaye bhooli khushi meri

Thame toofan mere mann ka

Mile mujhe zindagi meri, zindagi banke.

Blood on soil

Why hate dominate, why love lose

Why guns are chosen and hugs are forgotten

Why innocents are executed, evil stands tall

Why people just talk, don’t perform

Kids left alone, parents dead alive

Silence all around, rage in the eyes

Heart screams, tears streams

Braves wrapped in pride

Anger high tide

Roar spreads all around

Shakin the ground

Hands high in honour

Emotions erupt, Dam breaks

Water falls off the eyes

They go, They go bidding the last of them

Shouts, shots, walks, sobs

Wishing thousands of lives for their mother.

Walk of love

If we ever come across

You see in my eyes

You get uneasy, i get ecstatic

You lose contact, i stare at you

Adrenaline pumping, heart beating

As you come closer.

You pass through very close to me

As you wanna touch me

You go past and i turn around to see you

Wishing you’d do the same

But you go straight

Shattering every piece of my heart.

From A. To S.

I’ll try, I’ll try to forget you

I know, I know you’ll do the same.

I’ll give anything to see you again

I’ll miss our amusing conversation.

It’s just been few days

But you don’t leave my mind.

I check n check things again n again

Still forget.

I know it’s you.

But babe I’ll have to let you go.

Let you live your dreams.

Let you be that free bird you ever wanted to be.

Having you was the best thing ever

But Su you’ll always be my bliss.

The hardest part will be not to miss you

You memories will teach me living without you.

You smile will heal all my pain.

Agent S. You will be there forever.

Truth unveiledĀ 

ICJ has shown pakistan it’s real and disgusting face.International court of justice has denied all the appeal done by pakistan,now the whole world hase seen pakistan’s true colour.How low pak can go to just create mess for india. But after too many defeats this disgusting country never learn.You can’t defeat someone who is right or on a right path.By mentioning vienna treaty the ICJ ranted pak that it does not have the right not to give counselor access to kulbhushan which clearly indicates that pakistan’s motive is not correct towards this it’s  so called anti national allegations. ICJ also gave the orders to pak that it can’t execute the alleged accuse of espionage against pak.The court said that it is not clear that where the pak army arrested the accuse from and also whether he was spying or not.Pakistan exposing on the global platform is embarrassing for it’s direct and indirect government.But this won’t effect it’s mean,spineless ,sneakiness, impudent,demonic, it’s illusion of having upper hand on INDIA and unapologetic demeanour. Now pak also released the press release stating that india has tried to divert the whole case towards the totally different diretion by telling the court that its the matter of humanity while on the other hand pak has lost the lives of so many civilians because of kulbhushan jadhav and it will not obey the decision of ICJ.Now the question should be asked to these fools is that if you were sure that you wouldn’t follow the decision of ICJ then why you creepers took your case in front of ICJ.These scum don’t have a single evidence to proof kulbhushan an indian spy except that video clipping which was taken under torture. These scoundrels are so blind in their so called animosity they wouldn’t hesitate to kill an innocent person.And what country they are talking about which doesn’t have ethics clearly and wich is lost its morality.